No matter how often you say "I Love You"

No matter how often you say "I Love You" to her...
She keeps expecting to hear those three words from you...
Men don’t need it all the time but women do. They do need assurance of love, which can be in any form. Even saying “I love you” works for them as much as a passionate kiss or writing a romantic letter (men seldom do that). So if you are confused that why girls behave like that then you should try to understand that they are not a guy. They think differently, they pretend in a different manner. Their needs are different their way of showing love is different.

Guys, girls can be handled pretty easily but in order to do that you should be confirmed about two things:
1. Are you ready to commit?
2. Do you have lived enough?

If for the above two questions, you have answers in YES then you should try to understand them better and listen to them more. And if the answer is NO, then who cares to understand them or listen to their whole day stories?
The less you try to understand them the better will be the chances that you won’t get screwed.

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