The Great Tail of India - India Vs South Africa

So, India Vs South Africa match finished but this time my country loose the game.
I am not sad. I am not happy. But very exciting I am.
And I know this is a bit different feeling. May be because this match was different.
Lets come to point.....
Who is responsible for this one match loss?
There so many views out there... so many opinions by the viewers....

What happen to our strong batting line after such a great start?
The legend, Sachin played fantabulous. Sehwag and Gambhir was good. But what other guys were doing there?
Were they endorsing pepsi or some other brand? Our batting tail line... touched the ground today. Never seen such a great fall. They just fall like a house of playing cards...

Why Nehra and Patel?
Both of them are not worth of anything. They should play only Ranji trophy. Nehra fucked up the match at its very crucial moment. Patel, what he did for India in that doomed cricket match.

Two catches dropped?
One by Yuvraj another one by Gautam Gambhir. They were very crucial ones.

When Nehra came to ball last over... 13 runs required in 6 balls.And at that time I had the feeling that he will become the reason behind RSA victory.
First ball -- Four runs.
Second ball -- A Six.
Now, 3 runs required for four balls. Even Netherland could have chase in that situation.

In the end, Result: India loose the Match by 3 wickets.
Every Indian viewer was sad and upset.


  1. India need to seriously look into pressure management. They are loosing matches in crunch moments. I don't think we can world cup with such burden.

  2. dude the match was fixed... if India would have won that match... India vs Pakistan wont be happening then... :P

    hence no exitement...nothing...!!!