Nothing Usual

The things I supposed, will happen..
Didn't happened.
That day nothing usual happened.
God must be on leave for a day or few..
Mother must be fed up of us, all..

When I woke up to see the Sun - rising through the east horizon.
Sun didn't came out to see me.
I ignored it.. I closed my eyes..
As I came out of my shell..
To take a short walk..
I couldn't found the roads out there..
But Sky..
I walked upon nothing..
I floated on something..
Still I missed the usual earth..
But that day nothing usual happened..

I was so use to of the usual.
I wanted to hide.
I wanted to forget it.
I wanted to sleep it off.
Nothing made sense that day.
That day nothing usual happened..
So I gave in and felt blessed.


  1. a break from the usual.. that's good..

    1. Heyi Thanks.. I can't believe you read my blog.. :) Thank you..