Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Silly Mistake..

As you all are very much aware of the director and producer Mr. Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Angry Young Man like attitude. I would like to show a huge mistake that his legal advisor did in a haste to send a legal notice to the makers of an animated movie "4th idiot".... Or It may possible that this is a mistake by chance that took place by Times Of India's (mis)printing machine :).

In this notice that has been published in national daily newspaper Times Of India, If you take a close look than you will see a underlined date, thats what i was talking about later.
This notice says, the blockbuster movie "3 idiots" was released on 25th Dec 2010,,

But It was originally released on 25th Dec 2009.
This mistake depicts how much VC is possessive about his belongings. He become so restless that he do not even think of reading the legal notice that has been sent under the name of his production company.

I must say that this guy will feel so embarrassed after reading this.......

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